The ChildSafe Alliance is a partnership program that  gathers organizations with a desire to build futures for marginalized children and youth, their families and their communities with high standards of direct services to beneficiaries, administration and transparency.

The Alliance’s objectives

  • Share experiences, good practices and lessons learned;
  • Build joint projects (pooled applications, joint researches and advocacy);
  • Coordinate services on the field;
  • Influence policies at local, national and regional levels with Government and in coordination with International Organizations and Donor Agencies.
  • Implement specific projects such as the 3PC program (Partnership Program for the Protection of Children) and the ChildSafe Passage Program which provides assistance to Cambodian migrants at the border with Thailand.


The Alliance’s methods

  • Good practice programs in implementing country;
  • Teams of  qualified experts recruited among the Alliance;
  • Recognized Quality Standards.

The Alliance’s outcomes

  • Identify organizations of high quality or aiming at reaching high quality in service provision and in management: the ChildSafe Alliance team follows strict procedures and assessment;
  • Build the capacities of those selected organizations to ensure good quality services and management and ensure sustainability beyond the donor’s support;
  • Monitor and evaluate on a regular basis activities so as to assess the impact of the support provided;
  • Provide transparent reports and recommendations for future funding.

Our 7 Standards

When joining the ChildSafe Alliance, partners enter in a long term agreement with us under which they actively work to implement the following 7 Standards in their work and administration.



human ressources


Sustainable development & Beneficiary-centered

Quality, Innovation & Impact

Culture of learning, Sharing & Cooperation

Join the Alliance

According to the objectives and capacity, each organization can choose among 3 levels of involvement.

ChildSafe Associates

As a ChildSafe Alliance Associate, the 7 Standards will be shared with the organization with a special attention given to Child Protection Policy, Transparency and Neutrality.

What benefits?

  • The organization will have access to training needed
  • We will help increase collaboration with other partners in the organization’s country.

ChildSafe Partners

As a ChildSafe Alliance Partner, the organization will be first visited by our team who will conduct a support needs assessment and provide specific training.

What benefits?

  • Previous benefits
  • Specific support tailored to the organization’s needs will be provided
  • Participation in ChildSafe campaigns and advocacy which increases the organization’s visibility

ChildSafe Certified

As a ChildSafe Alliance Certified organization, the organization will be evaluated, advised and certified by a neutral Board of Certification and regularly monitored and supported.

What benefits?

  • Previous benefits
  • The organization’s activities will be promoted to donors
  • The organization will be involved in the implementation of common projects

Let's work together

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