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Cambodia’s orphanage tourism

The Independent Singapore

When one walks into an orphanage in Cambodia, he will be shocked to find out the orphanage is not a real orphanage, and the orphans are not real orphans. Known as ‘orphanage tourism’, the orphanages are increasingly used to serve the tourism industry. It is no coincidence that the surge in orphanages matches the tourism boom, where 4.5 million tourists visited Cambodia in 2014- up from 4.2 million in 2013… Read more.

We are WOMEN – Min – Cambodia


Min has left school very young to work and help her family. With the help of the non-governmental organization Friends International, she has taken up her studies to learn reading and writing and works on a course to become a beautician… Watch.

Letters: Sounding off on older Vancouver, voluntourism in Cambodia and more

Los Angeles Time

The article “Giving Back While Traveling” [by Rosemary McClure, April 3] is disappointing in that it promotes voluntourism in Cambodia and ignores problems associated with it, thus undermining the work the Cambodian government and other organizations are doing to address this issue… Read more.

'Poverty porn' and 'pity charity' the dark underbelly of a Cambodia orphanage

The Sydney Morning Herald

Many Australians responded to a plea to save the pretty Cambodian girl called Pisey from child predators… Read more.

Tourisme humanitaire: la vraie fausse pitié


Profiter de ses vacances pour aider les populations locales, l’idée est plutôt louable. Mais l’amateurisme et le cynisme de ce secteur en vogue inquiètent les ONG sérieuses… Read more.