Our dedicated teams of 500 #EverydayHeroes work with our many partners to ensure that we give these children and families our best at all times.


Executive Management

  • Executive Director: Mr. Sébastien Marot
  • Deputy Directors: Ms. Ampor Sam-Oeun and Mr. Sébastien Le Mouellic


Technical Coordinators

Our team of dedicated Technical Coordinators (TCo’s) provides expert technical advice across a range of disciplines (including social work, drugs etc) to our program teams. They travel across the world ensuring that our teams are supported to deliver best practice services.

  • International Social Service Quality Coordinator: Mr. Sébastien Le Mouellic


Finance, Human Resources and Development Partnerships

Our Finance team, Human Resources team and Development Partnerships team support all our programs and projects staff and financial resources, and ensure the ongoing sustainability of our work.

  • International Finance Coordinator: Ms. Phalla Von
  • International HR Coordinator: Mr. Marko Ivkovic
  • International Development-Partnerships Coordinator: Mr. David Hunn



The Communication team (including the IT and Design teams) enable effective communications within all parts of the organization and also ensure that the world knows about Friends and the work it does.

  • International Communications Coordinator: Mr. James Sutherland


Monitoring and Evaluation

  • International Coordinator: Ms. Irene S. Leung


Friends Programs

Friends Program teams deliver services directly – on the streets, in communities, and in drop-in, education and training centers. They save lives, build futures and work to prevent more young people becoming pushed to the margins of society.

  • Friends Programs Coordinator: Ms. Ampor Sam-Oeun

Our Program Directors are:

  • Kaliyan Mith Siem Reap and Poipet: Mr. Maneth Tho (119 co-workers)
  • Mith Samlanh Phnom Penh: Ms. Somaya Map (213 co-workers)
  • Peuan Peuan Bangkok: Ms. Orawan Saowapat (19 co-workers)
  • Peuan Mit Vientiane and Luang Prabang: Ms. Ketsone Philaphandet (55 co-workers)
  • Teman Baik Jakarta: Mr. Ari Widodo (10 co-workers)
  • Friends-International Switzerland: Emmanuelle Werner Gillioz (2 co-workers)


ChildSafe Movement

Our ChildSafe team works to ensure that communities are enabled to best protect their children. From grassroots networks in urban areas to the global travel arena, ChildSafe raises awareness of our shared responsibility to protect our children, and trains and equips individuals and organizations to meet those responsibilities.

  • International ChildSafe Citizens and Agent Technical Coordinator: Mr. Khemreth Vann (Tito)
  • ChildSafe Movement Project Coordinator: Ms. Clarissa Elakis


ChildSafe Alliance

The ChildSafe Alliance team supports our alliance members, helping them to increase their impact and provide the best possible services to marginalized young people across the world.

  • ChildSafe Alliance Coordinator for Southeast Asia: Mr. Vuthy Reth
  • ChidSafe Alliance Coordinator for Middle East & North Africa: Mr. Mohamed Sami


Friends Social Business

The Friends Social Business team helps us to reduce donor dependency and to become more sustainable as an organization through our social businesses such as shops and training restaurants. These social businesses support families to keep their children in school by training and finding employment to caregivers in production skills.

  • Head of Social Business: Mr. Nikolai Schwarz


Friends-International Board

The Board is currently composed of:

  • Chairperson: Mr. Leonard Coster
  • Treasurer: Mr. Michael Gilmore
  • Secretary: Ms. Vivian Gee
  • Member: Mr. Tamo Wagener
  • Honorary Board Members:
    • Mr. Denis Marot
    • Mr. Winston Mc Colgan
    • Ms. Annegret Marot-Koerner