Reach Out

Moving your family out of poverty is a huge step. After years of living a hard life, getting the courage to access skills and jobs is challenging, especially when you add abuse, disease, drug or alcohol use or conflict with the law to the equation. Our #EverydayHeroes visit vulnerable communities to identify those living on the margins of society.

Save Lives

After identifying those people living on the margins of the society for various reasons, our #EverydayHeroes provide them the necessary help and services such as drug and alcohol detoxification, HIV prevention or general medical care, to enable them to go to the next step: learning.


There is no future without basic education. Marginalized children don‘t need special education. They need to get off the streets and attend public school, where they can interact with students of all backgrounds. So our #EverydayHeroes provide remedial education to prepare out-of-school kids for their return to public school.

Provide skills

Young people need jobs. They want to learn skills to work and support themselves and their families. That’s why we created vocational trainings for marginalized youth. From cooking to mechanics, hairdressing to beauty therapy and much more… And all opportunities are directly linked to market needs so graduates are highly employable.

Empower Parents

Our #EverydayHeroes work with parents too, empowering them to generate more income so they can provide for their children. Because all parents should feel proud to give their children equal opportunities.

Protect children

ChildSafe is a movement created to empower everyone to protect children. We involve members of the public in the protection of children, including citizens, travelers, community members and businesses, by running behavior change campaigns and training and certifying key people and companies. ChildSafe also offers immediate protection to children at risk of being harmed. Our #EverydayHeroes operate hotlines 24/7 across Asia and are ready to respond to a call about a child in danger.